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Self-Ticketing Service

Take total control of your car parking spaces with ease. We will provide you with all the necessary material to set you up and manage the parking enforcement on your land, so that you can issue the tickets to vehicles in breach of the terms of parking and leave the rest for us (administration, calls, payments, appeals).

Warden Patrol Service

Customer Service Representative and natural deterrent. Complimentary parking management service 24/7 random patrol.

Hexagon has a professional patrolling team that deliver bespoke solutions and results for all our car park owners and legitimate users across London and surrounding area.


We supply, fit and maintain correx warning signage that outlines the Terms and Conditions for parking in your car park free of charge.

Enforcement of Parking Charge Notices (PCNs)

Car Parking enforcement has been a difficult subject for many years, mainly being made by those who have received a Parking Charge Notice after breaching the rules of the car park they have chosen to park in.

Without an effective enforcement the abuse may continue and you will find people that simply ignore the rules of your car parks and the subsequent Parking Charge Notices, as they know there are no real consequences.
We assure that the car parks we manage are protected from abuse and loss of revenue by ensuring that our dedicated, in-house enforcement team work to bring parking charges that are ignored or unpaid to a conclusion, whether that be through debt recovery agencies or the Courts.

Abandoned vehicle removal

We can come to your assistance if you need any help with Abandoned Vehicles. If a vehicle has been left on private land without the landowner’s permission it may be removed under the abandoned vehicles procedure. Abandoned vehicles are often dangerous, unsightly and provoke a vast health and safety risk, with smashed glass, petrol leaks and missing wheels. The process is easy and quick on your behalf we can manage the process from start to finish.

Creating happy customers

An effectively operated car park can increase retail revenue up to 25%. Hexagon delivers parking solutions that ensure there is always easy parking available for your customers.

Digital permits

Digitalizing parking permits simplifies the issuing process plus it further eases the parking enforcement by increasing the share of digital parking.

Secure-a-Spot Guest Parking - Give your Car Park the edge and maximise your returns

Give your property the edge and increase revenue opportunities by offering your tenants the ability to book parking on behalf of their guests with Secure-a-Spot Guest Parking.

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