About us

A passion for Delivering effective Parking Solutions – Specialize in residential areas, housing associations, business & retail car parks. 

Hexagon Parking Services has a vast experience in car park management, enforcement and operations – we develop and deliver customised operational solutions for each car park site, focusing on its unique features and requirements. 

Our mission is to be a cost-effective solution whilst delivering a bespoke service with flexible approach, which means we can make the most of every type of car park as well as providing additional site security.

Car Park Management

The private management of car parks is commercially necessary for land and lease holders; as they have a right to manage their private land as they see fit and allow motorists to use this land for parking under certain terms and conditions. 

The contracts, and its clauses, are necessary to prevent abuse of private land. This is commercially necessary as the land and lease holder needs to manage their land in order to ensure that their business can run successfully. 

The terms and conditions of parking on private land are derived by agreements between the lease and land holder and their appointed car parking management company, and it is the obligation of the motorist to comply with these when they park in the car park. 

We are always flexible and will only apply Parking Charges (PCN) to vehicles which are not appropriately parked upon our client request. 

Breaching the terms and conditions of parking is not a victimless action and contrary to what many believe, there's no such thing as a free parking space - somebody is paying for it. This is true everywhere: in town centres, at the beach and in the countryside. Some car parks may be free at the point of use, but someone has to pay for their upkeep, maintenance and other associated facility costs. 

Operational - We are all affected by the need for effective parking management - Switch to Hexagon and see results in space availability, parking compliance and user satisfaction. 

We set it up at no cost to you, short term or long term. We put up the signage and provide a bespoke parking enforcement.